General catalog

Bi-rotor bulletin 1-8”

Tetra-rotor bulletin 10-16”

Filter bulletin 1-4”

Filter bulletin 6-8”

PMS Petrol Metering systems Srl

Presentation, Systems & Products, Services


Part 1

Company story & high lights

Organization chart

Main industrial sector served and Relevant customer

List of final destination countries


Part 2a

Metering runs & metering skids

Truck loading facilities

Blending & additive injection system

Bi-rotor bulletin

Tetra-rotor bulletin

Part 2b

Petrol” PD meters main applications

Petrol” PD meters for liquids main characteristics

Filter bulletin

Fabricated strainers

Part 2c

Provers and proving tanks

Skidded processing modules

Part 2d

Skidded Oil/Gas separators

High and low pressure vessels

Scraper traps

Part 2e

Sealing systems


Part 3

Systems commissioning and start-up

Training session